Expelled from the Salvadoran Consulate in Long Island to disabled artist

Andrea painting one of his paintings at his home in Long Island.
By Carmen Rodriguez

Andrea Aragon, prominent Salvadoran artist, who for four years he had permission to sell his paintings at the Consulate of El Salvador in Long Island, It was expelled from the consulate, for no reason.

Andrea, an artist that made its way in the United States, thanks to the paintings and paintings created, He was born with a congenital problem and does not have his upper extremities.

Because of their disability, it was difficult to find regular employment. He asked for help at the Consulate, which he was then headed by Consul Miguel Alas and the officer allowed him to mount a small booth to exhibit and sell their paintings and other Salvadoran crafts.

Selling, says Andrea, She helped her mother to pay rent housing and subsidize some costs of both. But a month ago, I could not continue to support her mother to pay the rent or buy food.

“Without warning I was told we could not be at the Consulate. The new consul, Henry Salgado, He told me that all sales were not allowed, but other vendors are still there. Only me they took me”, said the artist.

Andrea tried to sell some of his pictures on internet, with contacts on social networks, but it did not go so well. The artist calls to people who want to work so you can find a job.

Andrea with her mother.

Until now, El Salvador says it has receive support from some social organizations of Long Island. Although the new consul promised him support her, Andrea has not heard of the respect.

Voice of Diaspora attempted to communicate with the consul Henry Salgado. At the end of this publication, the official did not respond to messages sent to your personal number.