Peruvian president dies after shooting himself before being stopped

Photo: Deia news.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The former president of Peru, Alan García, He died Wednesday, after shooting himself in the head when police arrived at his country residence to arrest him. The former president had provisional warrant by a corruption investigation, linked to a case of Odebrecht.

In a press conference given by the authorities entered the hospital where Garcia, it was reported that the former president had three cardiorespiratory arrests while being involved in emergencies.

Early reports, They indicate that Garcia shot himself in the head to know that the police came to his home with a warrant of arrest for ten days, which he turned the Judiciary. Garcia also had, a restriction to leave the country, for the same case.

Medical sources consulted by EFE news agency, Garcia said, of 69 years, Casimiro Ulloa entered the hospital in the Peruvian capital, Lima, with trauma to the right side of the head, caused by firearm.

In addition to stopping the former, Peruvian authorities also ordered the arrest of former Secretary of the Presidency, Luis Nava, and Miguel Atala, Garcia government collaborator. Both are marked, for being alleged frontmen of former President.