Experts Issue Winter Storm Warning in Washington D.C., Maryland y Virginia

Snowstorm disrupts construction in Virginia.
photo VD: Saul Hernandez.
Olimpia Alvarez

After several days of enjoying pleasant weather, temperatures drop in Washington D.C., Maryland y Virginia.

The experts announced the possibility of a winter storm for this Wednesday and they were not wrong, It began to snow in the region and it seems that the amount will be higher than that experienced in the last two years.

Construction work is suspended due to snowstorm to avoid accidents . Photo: CEO: Saul Hernandez.

Effects will vary depending on the state, for example for Maryland, according to National Weather Service there will be mixed rainfall, that is to say, a combination of "total snow and sleet" in the north central and west.

Faced with such conditions, the authorities are vigilant and issuing notices to the community, recommending that travel is "difficult and dangerous" given the conditions that will affect until Thursday.

Photo: Cortesía de twitter @ NWS_BaltWash.

The amount of snow that will fall will depend on the location; But the warnings and warnings haven't stopped, on the website, information is updated so that everyone is well informed, some companies even decided to stop their construction work to avoid accidents due to the risk posed by the storm.

This is the panorama that is experienced in the afternoon in the state of Virginia.
Photo: CEO: Saul Hernandez.

In the case of schools, Montgomery County, Maryland,  issued a notice on social networks informing the continuity of what was programmed in a virtual way, In other words, the activities will take place in a normal way and always online, but they assured that they will be vigilant and updating information on what is happening.

Snowstorm forces drivers to slow down on Virginia highways. video CEO: Saul Hernandez.
Snowstorm in Virginia. video CEO: Saul Hernandez.
Construction work is temporarily suspended due to snowstorm.
video CEO: Saul Hernandez.
Snow takes over the state of Virginia and construction work is suspended.
video CEO: Saul Hernandez.