Truce with the gangs: the former Minister of Security was sent to preventive detention

General David Munguía Payés, is accused of illegal groups, arbitrary acts and breach of duties. Photo: Courtesy.

Writing Voice of the Diaposra

The Savior – General David Munguía Payés, former Minister of Security during the administration of Mauricio Funes and former Minister of Defense in the Administration of former President Salvador Sánchez Cerén, is sent to trial by the Specialized Court of Instruction “A” of this capital.

He is accused of illegal groups, arbitrary acts and breach of duties. The Specialized Investigating Judge has withdrawn the alternative measures and will be sent to a criminal center under provisional detention.

The former official is accused by the Attorney General's Office of having facilitated and endorsed the truce between gangs during the government of former President Mauricio Funes (2009-2014).

In the tax requirement, The Public Prosecutor's Office incorporated the statements of the witness witness Noé and the witness Franco protection regime, who has revealed how the truce with gangs was handled between March 2012 and August 2013.

This process started on 26 July of the year 2020, also includes former President Mauricio Funes, who was separated from the case when the preliminary hearing began since the Code of Criminal Procedure establishes that without the presence of a defendant, such diligence cannot be carried out.

The Attorney General, Rodolfo Delgado assures that “Tests that as FGR we have presented before the Judge they have been forceful, abundant and sufficient for the case of former minister David Munguía Paid go to the trial stage and answer for the crimes committed against the Salvadoran people”, so expressed it.

While Gustavo Villatoro, current Minister of Justice published on his social networks “We continue working to end the impunity that comes from the ARENA and FMLN governments. Years ago, former President Mauricio Funes together with former Minister David Munguía Paid, they negotiated with gangs. Now, must answer to justice”.

Tax representation statements, all the evidence is conclusive in determining that Munguía Payés, is the main author of the facts attributed to him, according to the FGR.
The former Minister of Defense, David Munguía Paid, He is arrested and taken to police barracks after the house arrest in which he was in danger of escape was revoked by order of the Anti-Mafia Judge.