I former Minister of Public Works of El Salvador investigated for corruption

Monsignor Romero Boulevard, Diego de Holguín Boulevard before.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior. More former officials public, They are being investigated in the country, for crimes related to corruption or mismanagement of public funds.

On Tuesday the Salvadoran Attorney General, Raúl Melara, He confirmed that several former officials are under investigation for possible omissions of crimes. One of these is the former Minister of Public Works, David Gutiérrez, in the case of the construction of the boulevard Monsignor Romero, before Diego Holguin.

"Mr. David Gutiérrez is under investigation in this case; he approved the tender, He walked the first leg of Diego de Holguín and is part of research being carried out, to determine whether their involvement and whether their activities were fully relevant to investigate and prosecute ", the prosecutor said Melara.

David Gutiérrez, former Minister of Public Works Salvador

Gutierrez was a minister in the management of the former president Elias Antonio Saca, He sentenced to ten years in prison for corruption and diversion of funds from the Salvadoran State. further, last week, Vice Minister Jorge Nieto, He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the same case.

According to the ruling, Nieto had a misconduct, ie involved in corruption, which allowed two construction: Copreca-Linares, desfalcaran to the State for more than $12.9 millions of dollars, in the construction of the Diego de Holguin.