EXMA Be On 2020: "Turning chaos into opportunities"

Fernando Anzures, CEO and founder of EXMA.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

This year, The EXMA chapter for Central America and the Caribbean is fully strengthened and adapted to the new scenario we are experiencing. EXMA Be On will be a new platform 100% digital and free, focusing all efforts on helping companies and brands reinvent themselves and become resilient.

"These are times when we must become creative, in solidarity and completely open to reinvent ourselves in all our processes as brands and corporations ”, states, Fernando Anzures, CEO and founder of EXMA, specialized update platform for the marketing industry in Latin America.

For the first time, EXMA in its "Be On" version is completely free, dice Fernando Anzures, who explains that this is part of the solidarity efforts of the brand to bring training to a regional market that is striving to get ahead.

The event that will be next 8 of July, will present 17 world-class speakers who will interact virtually during 8 continuous hours.

Among this year's speakers, are Andy Stalman, Ricardo Perret, Roxana Chacón, Camilo Herrera, Adriana Kerguelen, Margaret Steps, Sebastián Lora, Vilma Núñez, Sebastian Torres, Hilda Besson, Alejandro Bethancourt, Cris Urzua, Nabil Malouli, Camilo Herrera, Hensey Vega and Cibeles de Freitas.

The content of the EXMA Be On conferences will be uploaded to the online platform for several weeks and users will be able to access it and enjoy this knowledge through "Video On Demand".

This year, they have been developed 4 axes for entrepreneurs: strategic planning, financial planning, digital marketing and entrepreneurship, with which they will be able to understand their current situation and take the necessary measures to start with an innovative product at this time of great challenges.

The event is expected to bring together on its digital platform almost 100 thousand regional viewers. "Exma is an event that tells a story to reach the feelings and knowledge of listeners. Last year we talked about marketing and now we will tackle the achievable future even in the midst of this situation that demands a degree of bravery and reinvention capacity ”, Anzures points out.

He also comments that during the event issues such as e-commerce will be promoted, which has shown that it has been the lifeline of economies at this time of pandemic.

Credicorp Bank joins this year as the official sponsor of "EXMA Be On".

EXMA is the platform specialized in high-level updating for the most important marketing industry in Latin America. Attendees will find training processes with prestigious experts in exponential growth industries and exhibitors with unique profiles, and they will also have access to global content.

Fernando Anzures, CEO and founder of EXMA.