Salvadoran accused former deputy washing $14,000,000 US deported

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

United States deported this week Roberto Carlos Silva Pereira, exdiputado a Salvadoran who escaped from El Salvador, to avoid facing justice in his country that charged him for various crimes, among them money laundering.

Now, 13 years later, Silva will respond in his country for bribery and money laundering offenses. Salvadoran Attorney, accused of having laundered $14,000,000 in municipal projects to the east of the country.

According to Maricela Velasquez, the Specialized Unit against Money Laundering Salvadoran Attorney, Silva made related to money laundering several crimes “using the financial system, front companies and provides names”.

The indictment states that the Salvadoran former official bribed some mayors of the country for these awarded several projects for their companies and so, justify the entry of money.

Silva was charged in 2006. But also, in El Salvador, It could be linked to the murder of the three Salvadoran legislators in Guatemala, including the brother of the current mayor of Santa Tecla, Roberto d´Abuisson, hence the Guatemalan authorities also claim.

Salvadoran deputies were massacred and their bodies were burned in a desolate area of ​​Guatemala. According to reports, the crime could be linked to drug trafficking in Central America.

Following the indictment 2006, Silva fled the country and illegally entered the United States, where he was arrested and sent to a prison in Arizona. After serving a ten-year sentence was deported from that country and their arrival in El Salvador, He was arrested by the Salvadoran authorities.