Former police officer charged with Floyd's murder could go up to 40 years in prison

The path to this legal battle is just beginning, but many already celebrate the beginning of the end of police brutality and racial discrimination in a country marked by violence against minorities.

By Maria T. Morales

Houston. TX. The Minnesota State Attorney's Office filed charges against four former Minneapolis police officers, one of them, accused, in different degree of responsibility, for the murder of the African American, George Floyd, happened the past 25 May in the city of Minneapolis.

District Attorney Keith Ellison, I declare that Derek Chauvin, who initially faced charges of third degree murder, today he is charged with murder in the second degree.

Under this new definition of the crime, the aggravating factor of intent against Chauvin is added, according to legislation.

The official, recorded when he pressed with his knee, floyd's neck, was supported by three more agents. Two of them pressed the victim's legs, and a third was limited to observing, so they will face justice for complicity and instigation.

The police officers accused of being accomplices were identified as J.A. Keung, Thomas Lane y Tou Thao. They were all fired, Minneapolis Police authorities confirmed, where the tragedy occurred that has awakened the feeling of struggle against police abuse and racial discrimination on a national scale.

Floyd will be publicly veiled next Thursday and on Friday he will be buried, in the city of Houston, where he was born and raised.

Until now, only outbreaks of violence have been recorded that have been controlled by the local police, what, incidentally, a through the governor of Texas, has refused the help of the National Guard, offered by President Donald Trump.