Europe advances with vaccinations against COVID-19

By Rossy Figueroa

Most European countries have set the month of January to begin with their supply of vaccines to the first part of the population.

The UK was one of the first to try to immunize its citizens with the vaccine made by Pfizer.

Italy, one of the countries most affected since the first wave, receives its first vaccines against COVID-19 in the city of Milan, north of the peninsula. The Hospital Niguarda MI will receive samples (preserved in cryogenic box) from where they will depart to 11 provinces of the Lombardy region.

Pfizer vaccines arrive from Belgium to be administered to personnel in the highest risk categories, virologists, epidemiologists, doctors, nurses, health and socio-health workers, nursing home staff and the elderly.

Pope Francis used his Christmas message to say that coronavirus vaccines should be available to everyone.

“Today, in this time of darkness and uncertainty during the pandemic, several lights of hope appear, like the discovery of vaccines that should be available to all”, said the Pope on Friday during his traditional message Urbi et Orbi.