Europe alarmed by unusual heat wave

Frankfurt, Germany.
By Hector Murcia

Meteorological services of the main countries of the European Union, warn that the heat wave affecting the region, It is exceptional and potentially dangerous.

From Wednesday temperatures have risen exponentially, and could reach unprecedented figures for this time of year, when you first start the summer, more of 40 degrees in some cities in France, Germany or Spain.

In France, for example, Meteo France, French state agency weather forecast, He announced that "this hot spell is unprecedented for June, since 1947, its intensity ".

In this situation, the authorities are taking emergency measures activating the orange alert, third level on a four point scale. This activation includes maintaining contact with vulnerable people primarily as the elderly or homeless.

further, the measures contemplated leaving open 13 the parks 24 hours refrigerated areas and enable public buildings.

France pays special attention to these natural phenomena because in August 2003 he suffered a heatwave killing 15,000 people, mainly elderly.

Meanwhile, the authorities and the German press, They are warning the public about the health consequences that may be taken if appropriate measures are not taken to the heatwave.

Among the recommendations, authorities advise light meals, drink plenty of water and no intense sport.

The mirror, one of the most recognized media in this country warns in its online edition: "This heat is unusual and unusually early this year arrives. Even the record temperatures recorded in June (38,2 degrees in 1947) They could be overcome as planned ".

Meanwhile in Spain, Fernando García, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency, AEMET, warns that the situation will worsen in the coming days and in some places could be activated red alert. For example, in areas of Castilla and Leon can register temperatures 10 degrees above average, while in Aragon could reach 15 additional degrees.

This deterioration from Friday due to the arrival of a mass of hot air from the Sahara desert, and could be felt until 1 of July.

Temperatures could reach Friday 45 degrees in Girona 44 degrees in Zaragoza, both in the northeast of the country.

According to meteorological records in Spain, since 1975 this heat wave is the tenth presented in June.

While in Italy it is said to be more accustomed to the heat, "Unusual" values ​​not lived for more than a century in the north of the country are recorded, experts say. Cities such as Alessandria and Milan reach 43 Y 40 degrees. respectively.

Faced with this situation and global scientific authorities put the debate whether these phenomena, increasingly recurrent, They are the result of global warming.

"Our diagnosis is that every time will be more precocious, more intense and more frequent ", Señala Jean Jouzel, former vice president of the IPCC (climate experts UN).

Meanwhile, Stefan Rahmstorf, investigador del Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, notes that: "The hottest summers in Europe since 1500 They are all early twenty-first century: 2018, 2010, 2003, 2016, 2002”.

also adds: "This increase in extreme heat is being produced as science was planned, as a direct result of an induced warming greenhouse gases of coal combustion, oil and gas ".

Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Hector Murcia.