17 August, 2022

Students and organizations march in El Salvador against water privatization

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Students of the University of El Salvador (UES) and Salvadoran civil organizations marched on Wednesday to speak out against water privatization. Protests occur amid controversy in the Legislature for discussion among political parties, on an article, They are seeking to annex to the General Water Law, which is not yet approved.

According to the article of contention, the entity that controls the distribution of water in the country may be composed of three representatives of the private sector and two public sector. From there, posture and environmental students to oppose the private sector organizations because for them it means the privatization of water.

Protesters and environmentalists believe that the participation of three representatives of the private sector in the water governing body and decision-making of this, It is a clear attempt to privatize; well, It puts at a disadvantage, with little power to act in the public sector, which so far it is the one that controls the distribution of the liquid in the country.

On the one hand, right deputies say that at no time is to privatize the resource, but to allow the participation of private enterprise and the other, Minister of the Environment, Lina Pohl, He believes that the point of concern is, that the private sector will have the power to make major decisions about water.

Discussions on the General Water Act in the Legislature, They are not new. These began in 2006 when the bill was presented and so far, MPs have just approved 13 of the 92 items that conform. Discussions are based on three draft laws submitted to the Assembly in the last six years.

Wednesday's protests led to the arrest of two college students threw stones at the National Civil Police, outside the building of the Legislative Assembly. The march was organized by authorities of the UES, civil and student organizations also require, another proposal submitted by the university is taken into account.