Stockholm protests racism

photo VD: Joaquin Chacon.
By Diego Recinos

Thousands of people gathered in central Stockholm to demonstrate against racism. Despite the sanitary restrictions by COVID 19. The police dissolved the demonstration against police brutality and racism in Sergel square. further, outside the castle, the police pushed back the protesters with the help of the guard. According to the police, two people were arrested for inciting violent disturbances.

On Wednesday afternoon, several individuals started a demonstration in Sergel Square in Stockholm. According to one of the organizers, Ibi chune jogestrand, wanted to show their support for people of color who have been victims of police brutality and racism around the world, following the death of George Floyd in connection with a police raid in Minneapolis the 25 of May.

The organizers were allowed to gather a maximum of 50 people due to the coronavirus situation. That was not the case. Well, shortly after 6 pm, the square was full. The organizers estimate that there may be around 8,000 people in the place.

Police remained in the background as protesters shouted: “Black life matters”.

When the demonstration broke up, many of those who gathered around the square marched along various points in the city. Moments later, according to the police, there had been a riot at the railway station, where the police had to intervene. At least one police officer used pepper spray.

Later, two people were arrested in Brunkebergstorg on suspicion of instigating violent riots after one of them threw objects at a police officer. further, a larger group of protesters marched along Sveavägen and surrounded Odenplan before returning to Sergel square. These, they were cheered by motorists and applause from the sidewalks. The traffic stopped and, according to the police, damage occurred in Karlbergsvägen.

“For me it was vital to come here, so that swedes do not become passive. The demonstrations show solidarity and that in Sweden we have the same problems that exist in other countries. All whites have a responsibility to reduce the structural racism that exists. Racism is everywhere ”, said one of the protesters.

photo VD: Joaquin Chacon.