Stockholm celebrates the arrival of the new year with fireworks

VD photos: Ana María González / Marlon Hernández.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Stockholm, Sweden – The arrival of the new year is celebrated with fireworks, customs and traditions of the Swedes, It has a particularity that makes it very special and memorable to celebrate the new year in the Skansen museum and at the same time it is curious in Swedish culture.

The farewell of the year is a big party unlike Christmas that is family, residents travel to different cities, others go to zoos, viewpoints, discotheques, others to the Skansen museum accompanied with an exquisite dinner, music and theater.

Stockholm, Sweden. VD photos: Ana María González / Marlon Hernández.

But nevertheless, other families visit central Stockholm, to appreciate the gunpowder traditionally thrown in front of the palace, or from any viewpoint, even open a bottle of wine to celebrate with the companions.

Stockholm, It is the largest city in the country and has more than 930 thousand inhabitants, despite Covid-19 restrictions, and biosafety stockings,  the vast majority of residents have left their homes to celebrate with friends and ring in the new year.