Social stigmas in women

A more job opening for women, more likely to remain single… A study carried out by several English universities affirms this fact. Photo: Courtesy.
By Dra. Margarita Mendoza Burgos

In these times where the slogans about non-discrimination and gender equality sprout from every corner, there is a sector of society that carries a silent social stigma: it's about single women , divorced or widowed.

There comes an age when women who have not married begin to see each other with a certain derogatory tone. They are called "stay", that they were dropped off by the train and labeled sulky for not having sex.

Other sideways views are single mothers. They have a special status., they are recognized for their fighting spirit to raise a family despite the difficulties, but they are also condemned for not having kept a father for their children. further, when it comes to finding company, vulgarly they are seen as there is nothing to lose and there will be no obligation to marry because they were not found virgins.

Something similar happens with divorced women, since these have lost the status that the husband gave them. It is also considered that it is not a commitment to have sexual relations with them because they were no longer virgins and also both these and single mothers have a need for sexuality, even more than one that has never had them.

with those stigmas, men don't have to carry. They are "males" and a male the more women he has, more macho is… In addition, why don't they get pregnant. If you are single you will generally have more freedoms than a single woman, single or divorced mother. And if that was not enough, if you are a single parent, you will be seen with love, as exemplary, and there will be no shortage of women who try to help him bear "that burden".

But it is no secret to anyone that single women live under social pressure. Basically because biologically at certain ages it is more difficult for them to conceive and that means that something has failed in them. further, because at any time they can fall into sin with no one to take responsibility for them.

Núria Viladomat, Catalan sociologist and author of the book Singles and Enchanted, acknowledges that “there is a lot of drama, a lot of desperation and a lot of worry about not having a partner”. Definitely, few satisfied single women. your explanation: "Right now, theoretically we all know that we don't need a man to be happy, but on a practical level it is very different. We still have the same conception of ago 50 years, and if we are not with a man, it is that we are missing something of vital importance”.

There are fictional characters, as the mythical Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the series Sex and the City, who idealize singleness: “Being single used to mean no one loved you.. Now it means you're pretty, sexy and you take your time to decide how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with”.

Can be, como says Bradshaw, that times have changed. On the one hand, the biological clock has extended its hours and it is increasingly common to see pregnant women at advanced ages., even above the 40 years. Before, they no longer menstruated they were fit and had to get married. There are still many societies that work like this. But nevertheless, due to the entry of women into the world of work - including many of them in managerial positions in important companies- something is starting to change.

A more job opening for women, more likely to remain single… A study carried out by several English universities states that the more intelligent a woman is, the harder it is for her to get married. The investigation covered 900 men and women who were first interviewed when they had 11 years and they were followed up to find out what happened to their lives 40 years later. Amazing, but according to the results, women have a 40% less likely to marry and remain single if successful.