This Sunday the tourist circuit is activated in the Historic Center of San Salvador

SivArt has been called a set of activities and activations of different tourist spots

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – As part of the activities for the rescue of the Historic Center of San Salvador, the Ministry of Tourism and the Salvadoran Institute of Tourism (THE SAME), together with the municipality of San Salvador activate SivArt, will start from this Sunday 8 of May.

There will be free guided tours in places that are national heritage, such as the National Palace and the National Theater, among other places of interest.

The Minister of Tourism, brunette valdez, He said: “The SivArt activity will be one of many activations of tourist points, we want to recover history”. For this they work in an articulated way with the Cabinet of Tourism, including the ISTU and the Salvadoran Tourism Corporation (CORRESPONDING).

SivArt has been called a set of activities and activations of different tourist points, in order to recover history and that visitors can enjoy the revitalization of the Historic Center, project that started in 2015 with President Nayib Bukele, when he was mayor of the capital.

The rides will be from 8:00 a. m. and will end with a light show at night. The ISTU will offer free transportation from different points of the capital.

“The accompaniment will be with specialized guides, to know our history, added the ISTU president.

As the tours unfold, visitors can enjoy the National Folkloric Ballet, among other artistic-cultural presentations.

The ISTU has offered the facilities of its old building to tourism entrepreneurs, as tour operators, so that they can promote activities from there, thus contributing to boosting the economy.

The property is located on Rubén Darío street, -reopened to the pedestrian crossing last Friday- whose facade has been renovated, as part of the rescue project.

Due to the blockade of informal sales, the infrastructure ceased to be used three years ago, but with the rearrangement it has recovered.