17 August, 2022

This year the number of journalists arrested in the world increased, according to Reporters without Borders

Reporters Without Borders records a record of journalists detained in the world during the year 2021.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

FRANCE – 488 journalists detained in 2021. It is the number that reveals the annual report of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), which also records 46 media workers murdered, the lowest figure in 20 years. Mexico and Afghanistan remain the two most dangerous countries for press workers.

“The number of journalists arrested for their work has never been higher since RSF began publishing its annual report in 1995.”.

But nevertheless, the number of journalists killed fell this year, largely thanks to the partial end of armed conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Thirty journalists were deliberately killed, seven of them in Mexico, the most dangerous country for the third year in a row. In the North American country they have also been assassinated 47 reporters in the last five years.

Six journalists died in Afghanistan during the year, because of attacks and bombings. The Asian country, torn apart by decades of violence, has the same number of deaths as Mexico in the last five years, 47, Besides 488 journalists officially behind bars, others 65 they are kidnapped.

This is how it reads on the Reporters Without Borders portal, on the occasion of the launch of the report that collects the data, of the 1 from january to 1 December this year, on violence and abuses perpetrated against journalists – professionals and not – and media workers.

RSF notes an exceptional wave of arbitrary arrests - a 20% more than last year-, mainly in three countries: Myanmar, where the army regained power in a coup on 1 February 2021; Belarus, who experienced severe repression during Alexander Lukashenko's disputed re-election in August 2020; and China, for their crackdown in Hong Kong with the introduction of the security law a year ago, that caused riots.