United States and Canada agree to close their borders for coronavirus

Northern border between the United States and Canada, near Buffalo, New York. Photo VD Carmen Rodriguez

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

United States and Canada, They agreed to the closure of its borders as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus. Donald Trump President and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, They made the announcement Wednesday.

According to official information from the White House, the measure is a temporary action that directly impacts the “non-essential traffic”; more not to trade between the two countries.

“By mutual agreement, We will be temporarily closed to non-essential traffic, the northern border with Canada. Trade will not be affected”, Trump tweeted in your account on Wednesday morning.

The border closure was requested by several Canadian provinces, including British Columbia. But nevertheless, one day before Trudeau stepped forward and announced the closure of the border and the entry of foreigners for health prevention.

It is estimated that trade between the two countries reaches 628,000 million US dollars a year.