United States is experiencing a 4 July between tanks and warplanes

By Carmen Rodriguez

This year, celebrations 4 of July, day when US Independence marks is very different. For the first time in a long time, battle tanks, Military and warplanes move on the streets of central Washington and around historic monuments that are very close to the White House.

The events for the celebration of Independence Day in the North American country, by order of the president they break with a tradition, which for many Americans is even solemn. And is not for less, this day became a personal event of President Donald Trump.

Trump, that during his mandate he has managed an anti-immigrant agenda, will direct his speech to the country, in prime time, in front of the Abraham Lincoln monument, the sixteenth president of the North American Nation, who abolished slavery and who defended the unity of the country during the civil war.

Before the "Salute to the Nation" there will be a show never seen in Washington. El Air Force One, various fighter jets and the famous Navy Blue Angel, will fly over the sky of the capital; while tankers and other war vehicles, remain parked around the area of ​​the monuments.

For some Democrats, Trump turned the celebrations of the 4 Julio in one of his acts, in which he will also campaign to boost his popularity and gain supporters, ahead of next year's elections.

Salvadorans live a different day

For many Americans, Independence Day is a patriotic holiday. This day, citizens and everyone living in the country, they forget the differences and celebrate in their own way. The thousands of Salvadorans residing in the United States are no exception..

"For me it is not a celebration as such, but it is national holiday and most do not work. That helps us get together with the family.. It's the only day we can legally burn gunpowder; but celebrate it as such, I don't celebrate because this is not my country ”, Milena said, a young Salvadoran woman who takes advantage of the date to spend it with her family.

To Salvador, a young Salvadoran immigrant who came to the American Nation less than three months ago, this day is a “normal day”.

"But at the same time it is different, those who already have time to live here are preparing to celebrate and it's no wonder, it is the independence day of the country that has welcomed them and provided so many opportunities. It is really surprising to see how things are prepared to live this special day and I can't help but feel anxious about living this experience for the first time. ”, said the Salvadoran.

Other Salvadorans see this day as a "national holiday" that is lived in family.

"We must stick to a national holiday such as 15 September in El Salvador, and we must do it with much respect. To my daughter, I explain to her that she has two homelands in her heart and that she must respect the national symbols. We celebrate it as a family, we take advantage to meet, make a roast, play with the children outdoors and cool off in the pool or on the beach ”, said journalist Rosy Aquino.