4 December, 2022

The United States works to speed up asylum and deportation processes

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Detention of migrants at the border with Mexico reached its highest level in the last two decades, President Joe Biden's administration developed a strategy consisting of 21 points that will be essential to examine asylum applications in an agile way and deport in less time those who do not comply with the established requirements.

The Government will give full authority to the officials in charge of processing asylum, to make decisions related to the requests of migrants who cross the border irregularly, this will prevent all applicants from having to defend their cases in immigration court, that accumulate a delay of more than 1.2 million processes.

The White House intends to send asylum cases that come to court with a specific record to make sure they get priority.. Applicant families will have access and legal advice, assistance that currently depends on Congress passing a budget of 15 million dollars for next year.

Meanwhile, immigrants who are declared unfit or do not apply for asylum properly will be deported in less time:

“Asylum and other legal avenues of migration must continue to be available to those seeking protection. Those who do not seek protection or do not meet the requirements will be promptly expelled to their countries of origin ".

The Joe Biden Administration did not determine when this new border policy could go into effect., but nevertheless, many of the ideas were raised through the federal rulemaking process and budget proposals, including the hiring of 100 immigration judges plus, but now they are coded with a strategic plan.

Document Says President Biden's Plan Won't Be Easy, due to the fact that several policies promoted by former President Donald Trump must be reversed.