US proposes refugee quota cut

Congress facade in Washington DC. photo VD: Ricardo “That” Gutiérrez.
By Carmen Rodriguez

Despite the immigration crisis experienced by hundreds of Central American immigrant families on the southern border of the United States, Donald Trump's government proposed on Thursday cut the quota of refugees the country receives each year.

The proposal sent to Congress by the Department of State, the Department of Safety and the Department of Health, americans, for fiscal year 2020 which starts the 1 October, considers that the country can relocate 18 thousand asylum seekers, “under the new roof”, after the government changed some rules for asylum processes.

The number of refugees, accepted by the United States has dropped dramatically. The last year of President Barack Obama's Administration, the country relocated to 85 thousand refugees; While for 2018, Trump administration's first fiscal year, The United States received 22,500 refugees.

For this fiscal year, which ends in a couple of days, the Trump administration had set a limit of 30,000 processes that would be accepted, but official data indicates that almost at the close of 2019, not even half of those requests have been relocated.

“As the center of the Trump Administration's foreign policy, there is the commitment to make decisions based on reality, not on wishes and driving optimal results based on concrete facts. Attack problems from their sources, makes it possible to help many more vulnerable people and to do it faster than could be done through resettlement or asylum in the United States”, communicated in an official document the US Government.

According to this statement, for the United States, would be “irresponsible to seek the resettlement of more refugees, when the humanitarian and security crisis on the southern border already imposes an extraordinary burden on the immigration system” from the country.

In July of this year, the Trump administration further complicated the processes for asylum seekers and imposed more restrictions and limitations on the eligibility of foreigners seeking asylum in the United States. All persons seeking to apply for refuge status in this country, should before, make a request on the “safe third country”, for applicants to apply for asylum in any of the countries traveled before arriving in the United States.