US bans flights from Europe

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

From Friday midnight, They are suspended all flight arrivals from Europe. El presidente Donald Trump, He said in a message to the nation that the measure is part of efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump, he termed the covit-19 as a “an alien virus” and he blamed European countries for failing to carry out the necessary actions in time to keep the disease under control.

“The European Union did not take precautionary measures and did not restrict travel from China and other sources. Due, a lot of cases in the United States were caused by travelers who arrived from Europe”, dijo Trump.

The measure will be in force for the next 30 days, excludes travel and flights from the UK. According to US President, This prevents new cases entering the country.

Public Health Emergency

On the other hand, some of the major cities of the country, as Washington DC and New York decreed national emergency.

In the US capital, the Office of the Mayor, schools closed until 31 March and suspended permits all mass activities programs for next days.

Meanwhile, a New York, the governor, Andrew Cuomo, New emergency decree also Rossel, one of the cities most affected. This state confirms and 142 cases, surpassing this figure cases they were confirmed in Seattle, the last days.

In California, The authorities also took extreme measure. This same day, the closure of schools and universities were ordered to prevent the spread of the virus.