United States could suffer a shortage of products

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The scenes of empty shelves now seen in some supermarkets in the United States, They could be repeated and become normal.

According to Yahoo News, Several experts warned the White House that some products could start to dwindle because of the crisis by the outbreak of coronavirus, hitting the country.

Since a few days, shortly after the orders issued by several governors, for residents to stay home, supermarkets reported shortages pasta, toilet paper and other perishables.

But nevertheless, so, el presidente Donald Trump, He ensured that there was no shortage, but only empty shelves and said well, the country and supermarkets, They are prepared to cope.

Some governors and the president himself Trump, said the shortage of shelves, It was because people are shopping panic and made a call to avoid this type of transaction, For the good of all.

But, according to the report sent to the Task Force by the coronavirus White House, real shortage could be, in the absence of measures to protect employees supermarkets, which could lead somewhere, these people do not appear at their jobs for safety.

Not only the shortage of certain foods could negatively impact the country.

This week, many hospitals in the most affected areas, like New York, They demanded the authorities lack of equipment, tools and supplies for the protection of medical personnel exposed to the virus for their work.