11 August, 2022

The United States could criminally accuse Osiris Luna and Carlos Marroquín

Osiris Moon. Source: (Twitter)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

U.S – The Department of Justice could be preparing criminal charges against two officials of the Government of El Salvador, who have already received economic sanctions for leading negotiations with gangs.

The North American authorities would prepare charges against Osiris Luna, Director of Prisons, and Carlos Marroquín, Director of Social Tissue. He accuses them of dialogue with criminal groups.

The charges have not been defined, But Reuters news agency says it will likely focus on corrupt practices and partnering with groups responsible for violent crimes.. The accusations will be presented in the coming months., according to international sources.

This week the Treasury Department sancines Luna and Marroquín for participating in negotiations with high-ranking members of the Mara Salvatrucha and the Gang 18. The sanctions were applied under the Global Magnitsky Law of 2017.

The sanctions mean the freezing of any assets that those involved may have in the United States and prohibits them from any type of transaction through the country's financial system..

United States denominated in 2012 the Mara Salvatrucha as a transnational criminal organization and provides special sanctions for officials or individuals linked to organizations designated under this category by the Treasury Department..