The United States calls punish Venezuelan governors to block entry of humanitarian aid

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The United States called on Monday to punish four Venezuelan governors and increase pressure on the regime of Nicolas Maduro, to block the entry of humanitarian aid sent by the international community last Saturday.

“Attempts by the illegitimate regime Maduro to block humanitarian aid, intended for the Venezuelan people, They are shameful. The Treasury Department is sanctioning four state governors, It aligned with the former President Maduro to halt humanitarian assistance, sorely needed”, said US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Last Saturday, several points of the Venezuelan border between Colombia and Brazil, They became battlegrounds, where two people were killed and 285 They were injured, after the failed attempt to enter more than 30 trucks with humanitarian aid groups allied to self-appointed president Juan Guaidó.

But the crisis occurred when armed groups blocked the passage of caravans carrying food and medicine from Colombia, for thousands of Venezuelans affected by the shortage of commodities.

Following this situation, United States decided to include four governors in the sanctions list of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC, for its acronym in English) "To block" aid, "Thus exacerbating the ongoing humanitarian crisis caused by the illegitimate regime Maduro", according to a US official report.

Mnuchin, He reiterated the support of the country's self-proclaimed president norteramericano, Juan Guaidó, and called for "... the restoration of a democratically elected government by Venezuelans”.

A US sanctions, the condemnation of Lima Group formed by Brazil also joined, Glen, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay and Peru, On Monday he had to meet in Bogotá, with US Vice President, Mike Pence, to assess their position after the violent incidents of the weekend.

The presidents of this group, They agreed to strengthen their support for the management of Guaidó. further, They condemned the incidents at the border between Colombia and Venezuela to Brazil, and they called on the international community to support the Group's commitment to democratic transition and immediate provision of humanitarian assistance, adhering to the Ottawa Declaration by Venezuela.

Members of this group, They also decided to promote the appointment by the United Nations Human Rights Council of an independent expert or a commission to investigate the situation in Venezuela, Following up on concerns about "serious violations of human rights in the context of a crisis ...".

President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela recalled that the Group has agreed Lima diplomatic efforts for a peaceful solution to the crisis and cited the need for free elections to elect a new leader to solve the crisis, whose impact extends to the region.

Lima Group has been instrumental in recognizing Juan Guaidó as interim president, now backed by a 50 countries.

Panamanian President, He called the nations that support GUIDED, including the European Union, Japan, Israel and the United States, to "consolidate a single front" to push out the regime Maduro.

Varela said that it is vital "…seek an international consensus so that Venezuela can regain the path of democracy, freedom and prosperity of his people, Hyperinflation is controlled and the country reconciled with the private sector ... ".