The United States calls stop the caravans of Central American migrants

By Carmen Rodriguez

Secretary of Homeland Security United States, Kirstjen Nielsen, He asked today at a meeting with ministers of the Northern Triangle, to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, “leadership” and decisive action to curb illegal migration of Central Americans.

Nielsen arrived Wednesday to El Salvador where the Sixth Meeting of Ministers of Security Secretaries and the Northern Triangle and the United States develops, Just a few days before another group of Salvadorans prepares to leave the country in the sixth caravan of migrants.

“Today I ask each of you to show us to stop the formation of caravans that have brought crime, violence and instability to the region. We face a crisis all of us, a humanitarian and security crisis, that affects every country and must show a stronger commitment to resolve”, said the US official.

The crisis refers Nielsen, It is related to the departure of thousands of Central Americans who left in convoys of migrants since October last year. This situation has been the excuse used by the President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency and seek approval and funding for the construction of his famous border wall.

At the meeting, officials try to deal with direct actions caravans formation and migration of Central Americans. further, It is expected that at the end of the day, an agreement is signed between countries to “foster a new security plan” in the region.

Security Minister of El Salvador, Mauricio Ramirez Landaverde, He also said that the meeting issues tracking actions and decisions taken at the last meeting that took place last year in Guatemala addressed.

Prior to the meeting with ministers, Nielsen secretary met with Salvadoran President, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, in which they discussed the progress of actions taken within the Partnership for Prosperity.