United States launches "Operation Sentinel" against human traffickers

Photo: Courtesy.

By Maria T. Morales

In the middle of the river stirred by the migratory crisis, the Federal government announced the creation of the Sentinel operation, with which it seeks to declare war on human traffickers seeking to reach the United States.

Alexander Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, said the objective of the operation is to dismantle the criminal operations of human traffickers to the United States.

The United States would revoke permits, visas or other immigration document for people who engage in human trafficking, said the official.

Likewise, dismantle the economic might of human traffickers, and will freeze bank accounts in their name in banks of the American union.

The human drama that thousands of migrants live on the border with Mexico is not considered a humanitarian emergency by any government.

Since January, Kamala Harris, vice president of the nation, heads the responsibility of seeking a solution to the crisis in which there are at least 14 a thousand children who traveled alone, and they are in shelters in different border areas, especially in Texas and California.

It is expected that in June, Harris meets with the president of Guatemala. About El Salvador and Honduras, the White House has not yet announced a possible reunion.