US new ambassador swore to El Salvador

Photo VD / Courtesy: US Embassy in El Salvador.
By Yaneth Estrada

US Vice President, Mike Pence sworn in at the White House for Ron Johnson as the new ambassador to El Salvador, who will replace Jean Manes, after three years in office.

Manes get to El Salvador, in March 2016, negotiations amid US aid to the Northern Triangle. It focused on issues such as combating corruption, CICIES boosted and migration, in addition to widely support the management of the new president Najib Bukele security.

The diplomat left office from 31 of August, and in his absence BrendanO'brien assumed as charge d'affaires for the US Embassy in El Salvador until the arrival of the next ambassador.

The 5 October 2018, Donald Trump President Ronald Douglas Johnson nominated as new US ambassador in El Salvador, who was ratified 27 June 2019 by the United States Senate during an executive session. Ambassador Johnson hit El Salvador in September 2019.

Photo VD / Courtesy: US Embassy in El Salvador.