11 August, 2022

The United States indicates to travelers that El Salvador is among the countries with high risk for coronavirus

The United States warns travelers of the risk of contagion of Covid-19 outside the country

Las autoridades sanitarias de Estados Unidos alertan a los viajeros sobre la posibilidad de contagios al visitar otros países y El Salvador aparece entre los lugares con riesgo alto

The United States alerts travelers to the risks of Covid-19 infections in several countries, between us El Salvador.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

U.S – While the World Health Organization (WHO) alert for a possible increase in coronavirus cases in the world due to the Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities, United States health authorities alert travelers to the possibility of contagion when visiting other countries and El Salvador appears among the places with high risk.

The latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that those who want to travel must have the complete vaccination schedule to go to countries such as El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Uruguay, Colombia, Glen, Peru and Cuba.

The United States indication has not changed since 20 from December, although, according to official data from the Ministry of Health of El Salvador, deaths and infections from coronavirus fell in recent days.

In the last week, two to three people per day have died from the virus in the country, according to the information of the Ministry of Health in his Twitter account.