The United States hopes to be reelected in Guaidó National Assembly of Venezuela

Getty Images

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

The United States hopes that the Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed president of the country, Juan Guaidó, resulting re-elected in January elections 2020, for the new Board of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

But nevertheless, if the election results are different, US Government, ensures he will support anyone who gets the job, be chavista or opposition, so said the Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the United States Department of State, Michael Kozak.

"We will support anyone who has the position, but we hope that Juan Guaidó will be reelected in that position, Well, I understand that according to the Constitution of Venezuela, when the presidency is vacant, whoever is the leader of the National Assembly is the new president ", Kozak said at a press conference.

A few weeks ago, Guaidó was rumored to be losing US support, Kozak, denied these rumors and further said that, support for Guaidó "arises because he is the democratically elected president of the National Assembly of Venezuela and his election is part of the democratic processes" supported by the US Government.