10 August, 2022

U.S: the risk of contracting coronavirus is low in the country

Foto The White House

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

Despite the repidez with the coronavirus it has spread around the world, in United States, the risk of, catching or spreading the virus is “low”, This was announced by Vice President Mike Pence Monday.

“In fact, as today I am with you, the risk of the coronavirus to the American public remains low, and the risk of serious illnesses among the US public also remains low”, Pence said.

Pence, directs the workgroup, appointed by President Donald Trump, to try and take action before the arrival of the coronavirus to the country. Although the disease caused nine deaths, or confirmed cases reported by health officials do not exceed 200.

According to information from the White House, the shortage of necessary laboratory tests to confirm or rule out cases of the disease, It was overcome.

According to Vice President, before the end of this week, distrubuidos will be about four million kits in laboratories and hospitals nationwide.

Pence also reported on the arrival of the cruise Grand Princes, the coast of California, health authorities took the necessary measures.

Passenger, it was confirmed that the 25 children traveling on the boat, They gave negative tests; while, 21 adults tested positive, They were quarantined and will be transported to military bases with extreme health measures in the coming hours.