7 February, 2023

US buys medical supplies to Russia

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

America today received a Russian aircraft, with a cargo of medical supplies, which according to official sources, acquired Administration Donald Trump President to respond to the health crisis, caused by the coronavirus in the country.

The cargo includes masks, artificial respirators and other supplies needed to supply the medical staff of hospitals, especially the state of New York, They are attending emergency, He came from Moscow and arrived on Wednesday at New York's John F Airport. Kennedy.

According to information from the White House, the arrival of Russian cargo is given, after a phone call between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, in which they agreed to the transaction and other actions as part of the proposed political group G20.

“Both countries have provided humanitarian assistance to each, in times of crisis in the past and there is no doubt that this cooperation will continue in the future. This is time to work together against a common enemy that threatens the lives of many people”, says the official statement.

Although the White House said the transaction, no details on the amount of supply that the United States received from Russia, nor on the amount of the transaction.