US millionaire approves package to respond to the crisis by coronavirus

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

After several days of discussions between Democrats and Republicans, Congress and the White House, finally they agreed to approve the largest fund in the history of the country to help citizens and businesses are being hit economically due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

The aid package two trillion dollars, It will be approved today by the House of Representatives. The last official figure, indicates that in the country are confirmed 54,893 cases of coronavirus and 780 Deaths due to illness.

Millionaire background, whose main objective is to help Americans mitigate the impact on its economy, for the next four months. People say that, some families could receive a check up $3,000 from the government.

Of the total background, Trump intends to inject Administration, through loans to small businesses $367,000 million and other $500,000 million to states, cities and industries.

People who lose their jobs due to health crisis, by covid-19, the Government will deliver the full wage benefit they receive, according to the state in which they reside and they will also receive an extra fund $600.