The United States contributes more than $225 millions in aid to Panama to face organized crime

Photo: Courtesy of the United States Embassy in Panama.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Panama received more than 225 millions of United States dollars in the last five years to strengthen the response of the Central American country to the threats of transnational organized crime, reported diplomatic sources.

During this period, the contribution to the Panamanian security forces included six Boston Whaler speedboats, valued at more than $4 millions of dollars, said the United States Embassy in Panama.

Thursday, Panama and the United States signed a memorandum of understanding that formalizes the North American country's support for Panamanian initiatives to strengthen regional security.

The document was signed by the head of mission of the United States Embassy, Stewart Tuttle, and the Minister of Public Security of Panama, Juan Pino.

Photo: Courtesy of the United States Embassy in Panama.

The maritime security agreement seeks to support Panama to guarantee the presence and surveillance in its territorial waters, in order to deter illicit activities such as drug trafficking and illegal fishing, as well as supporting search and rescue operations on the high seas.

“Panama has proven to be a regional leader in the fight against drug trafficking, seizing more drugs than any other country in Central America ", said the head of the US diplomatic mission during the ceremony.