17 August, 2022

The United States accuses Carolina Recinos of leading corruption scheme during pandemic

Carolina Recinos Presidential Commissioner of the Government Cabinet

The United States accuses Carolina Recinos of leading corruption scheme during pandemic

Carolina Recinos, Presidential Commissioner for Operations and Government Cabinet of President Nayib Bukele

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Washington – Presidential Commissioner Carlina Recinos receives another complaint of corruption from the United States, now under the Global Magnitsky Act on Human Rights Responsibility, for allegedly running "a multi-million dollar multi-ministry corruption scheme involving suspicious takeovers in the construction of a hospital".

In november 2020, months before the dismissal of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), Raúl Melara and by notice of the International Commission against Impunity of El Salvador (CICIES), they raided near 11 state institutions, by 21 Irregular purchase records during mandatory home quarantine. Among these were the Ministry of Health (MINSAL) by Francisco Alabí, the Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) with Pablo Salvador Anliker (destitute), in the Environmental Fund of El Salvador (PHONES) with Jorge Aguilar (destitute), former ARENA deputy Gustavo Escalante, at the Salvadoran Social Security Institute (Ishshs) with Rosa Delmy Cañas de Zacarías, currently ambassador in Mexico, the Ministry of Finance (MH) with Alejandro Zelaya and the president of the fraction of New Ideas deputy Christian Guevara.

Likewise, some complaints were poor quality masks, masks with surcharges, hotel rental for family members of officials, remodeling of public offices with surcharges, purchases of supplies from Ministers of Finance and Health and deputies. Notably, no official data, Social Organizations, universities and human rights defenders, they account for close to 215 doctors or front-line personnel who died during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to lack of supplies or adequate equipment, poor quality or biosecurity measures.

As well, in the face of multiple reports of corruption during the global emergency, the Government of El Salvador (GOES) declared all the information on the purchase of supplies, deceased, patients, hospitals, procedures, medicines, “suspicious” purchases of food from Mexican companies, bond payment, hospital construction, donations and official figures under total reserve of 3 a 7 years. This includes purchasing vaccines, your application, non-compliance with judgments of the former Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), recommendations of the Medical College of El Salvador (COLMEDES) and others.

Suspicious purchases

It is this way, that the United States Department of the Treasury declared on Thursday,9 December that Recinos was in charge of ordering ministers of the government of President Nayib Bukele several "suspicious" purchases related to the pandemic, including "millions of dollars in surgical masks and millions more in hospital gowns from companies with no apparent ties to the healthcare industry or manufacturing".

"Instead of delivering the items as a government service, the food baskets were used to obtain votes and support in the run-up to the elections ", the report stated.

This, in relation to the purchase of 2.7 millions of dollars in food with "presumed" price surcharges in macaroni, tuna, rice, cornmeal, milk, Instant soup, juices, oil, salsas, jellies, Beans, sugar that were made by the former Minister of Agriculture, Pablo Salvador Anliker and distributed to the Salvadoran population, called solidarity bag, valued at 300 dollars each for the GOES, but with a real estimated price of 50 according to experts. further, in an unclear movement, 1,500 of these solidarity bags appeared in Durango Mexico in a parastatal campaign.

Previously, the same US government entity accused the director of the Social Tissue, Carlos Marroquin, to the director of Penal Centers, Osiris Moon, of: "Negotiate with gangs so that homicide numbers do not rise in return, they got benefits like money and prostitutes ". Meanwhile he 21 September this year, 19 Salvadoran people were included in the Engel List, for alleged acts of corruption.