US states ordered quarantine for residents

photo VD: Carmen Rodriguez.
By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

Three of the largest US states, I ordered on Thursday and Friday under siege for its residents. California, New York and Illinois are quarantined from this weekend.

further, other governors of neighboring states to these, as Maryland are considering implementing measure to prevent people from being on the streets, to prevent the spread of the coronarivus in the country.

California, one of the states most affected, It was the first to announce this drastic measure. Thursday, Governor Gavin Newsman, He announced the total closure of the activities, affecting a 40 millions of people.

After, Friday morning, Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, He said in a press conference that his state will also implement this action from Sunday.

Health authorities confirmed Yorkers 7,102 positive cases; 2,950 cases were detected in recent days. Deaths attributed to the Covid-19 in this state are 35.

Meanwhile, Illinois Governor, J.B. Pritzker said Friday that the entire territory of the state will remain in compulsory quarantine from Saturday. According to information from local media, the authorities will ask the population to prepare this Friday before the measure goes into effect.

In Washington DC, some local media predict that the mayor Muriel Bowser, It will add to the list of states that decide to padlock the city to prevent residents continue promoting the spread of the virus.

In some cities like the US capital, although decreed earlier this week the closure of bars, restaurants and entertainment centers, people still concentrated in public parks and other spaces that have not been closed.