State of emergency in Florida by Hurricane Dorian

For Recinos Kriscia

The measures have been intensified by the phenomenon progresses to Puerto Rico becoming southeast US weekend.

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, has manifested: "It is important that all Floridians closely monitor this storm. Every Floridian should have seven days supplies, including food, water and medicine, and you must have a plan in case of disaster ".

The governor declared an emergency for all counties east coast, from the cayes the extreme south to the border with Georgia, through Miami.

Dorian became a hurricane Category 1 this Wednesday, It grows in intensity and currently registered maximum winds of 130 kilometers per hour.

The National Hurricane Center US, He believes that it will become a Category 2 in the Atlantic, although they acknowledged that it can not determine where still more severely hit.

In the image, published by the National Hurricane Center can be seen by touching Dorian Puerto Rican territory.