"This convention does not go forward", said the mayor of Houston

Covered in a clause of the contract for the realization of the republican convention, the mayor, canceled the event, after the organizers refused to do it voluntarily.

By Maria T. Morales

Houston, Texas. In this way, Silvester Turner, mayor of houston canceled today, the contract for the realization of the republican convention, that would take place next weekend in this city.

The mayor took refuge in section number 12 of the contract, which establishes the legality of the cancellation.

The municipal official said that no citizen will be put at risk, precisely at a time when Texas reached a total of 210 thousand 585 persons infected; While, some 600 patients fight for their lives in intensive care units in Texas City and Harris County.

"We hope that the organizers are responsible", he stated, at a press conference, accompanied by Arturo Acevedo, Chief of Police and Samuel Peña, Chief of the Fire Department.

When asked why other events such as protests and marches, they were not canceled despite the increase in infections by COVID-19, the mayor clarified that in the case of the convention, the local community would be mostly exposed.

He added that other massive events were also canceled., and I mention, as an example, the pride march, among others, whose organizers spoke with the city and, reached agreements to reschedule their activities, unlike the organizers of the republican convention.

The boss of the space city, He said, should have canceled the proselytizing activity, after weeks of refusal from the organizers, to voluntarily cancel said activity.

This decision, was well seen by Arturo Acevedo, police chief, considering that, deal with such a large and numerous event, it would not help at all in the face of the increase in infections.

Until now, President Donald Trump has not commented on the matter, for meeting in the first meeting with his Mexican counterpart Andrés López Obrador, on the occasion of the signing of a Free Trade Agreement.