Spain: They find a Guatemalan woman dismembered

By Dennis Aguillón

A woman originally from Guatemala, identified as Nancy Paola Reyes, was found dismembered in Ciudad Real, province of Castilla in Spain. Her family reported her missing several weeks ago.

The main suspect is her boyfriend, a Colombian man from 28 years, who has already been captured by the authorities and is waiting to be read about the charges he will face.

The National Police found the woman's remains in several plastic bags, in a low-traffic area. According to the researchers, the advanced state of decomposition complicated the recognition.

The woman traveled to Spain to offer better conditions to her two daughters who live in Guatemala. On the day of his disappearance he sent a text message to his mother who was waiting for his call.

Nancy had 29 years and since 2018 I lived in Spain. She had started a relationship a short time ago and according to her relatives she suffered gender violence and was thinking of reporting her attacker.

A brother of Nancy lives in Madrid and had alerted the authorities to the violent attitudes of his brother-in-law, However, they never proceeded against man.