Spain issues international alert listeriosis

Puerto de Valencia. 22-8-2019. Photo VD / Courtesy: @sanidadgob.
By Dennis Aguillón

The Spanish authorities together with the Acting Health Minister Maria Carcedo have declared an international alert listeriosis.

The statement was made to the World Health Organization WHO and the European Commission EC to prevent tourists from possible infection by eating meatloaf brand "Mecha" or optionally have brought their country of origin this product.

The method was usual and ordinary and should be given from the state authorities so that health bodies are knowledgeable and alert to the situation in the country.

“Prevention is critical since international organizations, also necessary, since in Spain there are many tourists from other countries”, the minister said.

So far they have been reported 150 cases in the provinces of Andalusia, Asturias, Estremadura, Madrid, Catalonia and Aragon.

By this outbreak has already passed a woman of 90 years In Andalucia, the deceased had eaten meatloaf and was in ICU ICU.

On the other hand, Carcedo said that the product has been removed from retail sites across the country.

Now the work will focus on containing "outbreak" and inform people so that the meat is not consumed and give proper treatment to those already infected.