1 October, 2022

Spain: the return of the San Fermines after two years of closures due to Covid-19

The City Council and other institutions try to limit the debauchery of the occasion, only one: the violence, whether physical or verbal.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Spain – After two years of suspension of the celebration, Pamplona is already packed on the eve of the first running of the bulls, with full hotels. More than a thousand days passed and San Fermín returned. They said that there was desire and, apparently, it was true.

Juan Carlos Unzué lit the fuse and to the roar of the chupinazo was added the roar of a crowd eager to party. we understand each other: the word "party" is not enough to define this week of euphoria in which the heart, stomach and liver, as well as other organs, dilate due to the effect of adrenaline.

The City Council and other institutions try to limit the debauchery of the occasion, only one: the violence, whether physical or verbal. It is trusted that, where the good judgment of the participants does not arrive, if the police presence and surveillance cameras arrive.

San Fermin, a French saint who may not have even existed, thing without the least importance because here the martyrs paint little, attracts people from the most remote places.

As in any massive event, a part of the San Fermín festivities can only be appreciated well on the screen. Former soccer player Juan Carlos Unzué, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patient (SHE), undoubtedly moved many viewers when, before lighting the fuse of the chupinazo, dedicated these Sanfermines to health personnel and those who suffer from the same illness.

Visitors have made San Fermín an almost worldwide phenomenon. They are Pamploneses, but nevertheless, who maintain the exaggerated and at the same time good-natured spirit of this extraordinary week. Are they, the neighbors themselves, those who have been experiencing the phenomenon for decades, who best know how to meet again, dance, drink and hug. O, on the contrary, who most skillfully slip away, like stealthy shadows, to their hiding places.

“I have never put up with this barbarity”, says a man with a white mustache, loaded with loaves of bread and willing to shut himself up at home "until the 15 of July, if necessary". There is everything.

Hotels are almost full., and by the weekend there will not be a single free bed, not even in the elegant La Perla hotel, often associated with Hemingway, maybe because Hemingway never stayed there, not even in the most backpacker hostel, nor in the accommodations of the outskirts.

It's the eve of the first bull run. As every year bullfighting and anti-bullfighting will cross arguments, there will be those who see cruelty and those who see healthy fun in the races of cattle and waiters. Actually, not much to discuss these days: San Fermín is what it is and it is celebrated without limits, salvo, let's hope, the one of violence, sexual or otherwise.