1 October, 2022

Salvadoran writer promotes his new book in Spain “A voice for the deceived”

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Salvadoran writer Alejandro López recently visited the Island of Tenerife in Spain to promote the novel “A voice for the deceived”, his last literary work that narrates events of the civil war in El Salvador that ended in 1992 with the signing of the Peace Accords, in which he makes profound philosophical reflections on the mental prisons that bind humanity.

His work “A voice for the deceived”, like the previous post “A pen melted into verses”, has been edited by Editorial Círculo Rojo in the province of Almería, in the south of Spain, where in the coming months the writer will continue promoting his work and participating in book fairs.

The work is available on Amazon in print and on various websites.

The writer has shown for several years his fascination for the island of eternal spring that inspires him to write, and in the past he frequented her with the desire to settle in the place, wrapped in the magic of the sun that never tires of revitalizing the islanders and all those who visit it for commercial or tourist purposes.

In Tenerife, made a long hike to the top of Teide, to once again admire the rocky landscape that he describes in a fragment of the novel as a suggestive lunar landscape, and also tells about the beautiful beaches, island pride.

Alejandro Lopez, was born in the department of Chalatenango in the north of El Salvador, traveled to Italy after graduating from high school, and for 30 years resides in the Italian peninsula.

The writer leads an active cultural life with other Latin American colleagues, with the purpose of promoting the arts in all its expressions, support musicians, painters, poets and writers in search of new ways to make this world a more dignified place for all.

In a world plagued by afflictions compounded by the current COVID-19 crisis, the author does not give up in his attempt to reach readers with the conviction “that in good and evil we must try everything to which we feel called, because life is short and we must not lose the opportunity to do so”.