11 August, 2022

Scandal in Colombia: Photographs of the Speaker of the House of Representatives are leaked

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Colombian Congress started a new legislature this week and elected the new authorities who will be in charge until July of next year.. The Senate elected Juan Diego Gómez Jiménez of the Conservative Party as president, while in the House of Representatives Jennifer Arias from the Democratic Center was elected, party of which former president Álvaro Uribe is also a member.

Just a few hours after the appointment of Jennifer Arias, the controversy began, some photographs of the official were leaked in which she appears with a firearm, for many legislators, referring to organized crime.

The photo was shared for the first time by the journalist María Jimena Dizán who wrote: "This photo of the new Speaker of the House of Representatives Jennifer Arias, it should be explained in great detail ".

Although the official did not comment on the emergence of her images, his press team assured that it was a photo shoot for a costume party.

In social networks there was a wave of comments for and against, among those who said that the comments were sexist and those who pointed out the seriousness of using firearms, pretending to be part of a criminal organization.