Epigmenio Ibarra highlights the epic of the Peace Accords in El Salvador

By Yaneth Estrada

Without respecting the protocol, in a crowded room of a well-known hotel in San Salvador capital, the prominent journalist, Mexican producer and correspondent Epigmenio Ibarra gave a keynote address and urged the Salvadoran people to not underestimate the signing of the Peace Accords and to recognize the fallen journalists in combat.

“War coverage you realize that produced the most execrable villainy and the most exalted selfishness, because the conflicting parties as they struggle for an idea or when fighting for a belief, they do so with absolute conviction and a disregard for his own life, but sometimes this lack of interest in life itself becomes a disregard for the lives of others and that terrible things occur”, He mentioned very sensitively.

But nevertheless, He also used the space to highlight the tribute owed to the Salvadoran journalists who died in the war (three each foreign) and foreigners are known, but very little is known about the Salvadoran colleagues murdered or killed in combat and “the gratitude that these people must have with them” .

“were they (a group of 300 journalists) who played a very important role in that war was known outside the borders, it was they who translated us and those who risked their lives, They took us to where we had to go and we had an advantage that when we leave here we fear quitábamos, a second skin which was, but they could not be removed and weighed on them all danger, every day and that was a special exercise”, he said.

Example to the world

Likewise, Ibarra find it regrettable that there is an inability of Salvadorans to assess what has been achieved, after the signing of the Peace Accords 1992. "They do not realize in El Salvador of the huge proportion of the war and the Peace Accords, like that should be the big party in this country. Epic meaning these agreements, which they are the jewel in the crown of the United Nations (HIM), he highlighted.

In this point, He explained that no process at the United Nations has been so scrupulously respected and bright as it has been in El Salvador, “No there has been a single violation of the ceasefire, and that process is extraordinary in a country where before who raised his head he was killed, where today you can come out and say what he pleases. They are today in El Salvador, from my point of view, It is the smallest country in Latin America, the largest in many ways”, He stressed the legendary Mexican producer.

He mentioned the political system and electoral reforms, where there have been no failures with five presidential elections processes, where previously they ruled rifles, Now there is no fraud, do not steal ballots, do not burn ballot boxes, “That is a democracy and does not happen in many countries in Latin America and is a brutal lesson for the world and I would call them to see clearly that”, He said before the astonished gaze of many students and young journalists.

further, with his vast experience, He called the new generations of journalists not to get too close to power or straying too, to have a correct distance so as not to lose perspective and objectivity preserve.

Epigmenio Ibarra is founder of the television production company Argos Comunicación and was also a war correspondent in the decades of 1980 and 1990. His early novels were issued televised by TV Azteca and now works for international platforms, with big-name titles as "ungovernable I and II", "The Lord of the heavens", "Viles of Cappadocia", "Steel Lady" and "Mirada de Mujer", among other productions.