3 December, 2022

Special milk is delivered to children with metabolic diseases in public hospitals in El Salvador

Photo: Courtesy Ministry of Health.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – More of 40 families were benefited with the delivery of special milk for children with metabolic diseases and who cannot consume other formula due to their condition. This is the first time in history that the Ministry of Health of El Salvador provides this type of benefit.

The new cases were identified thanks to neonatal metabolic screening, within the framework of the National Policy to Support Early Childhood Development Grow Together.

Photo: Courtesy Ministry of Health.

Identify childhood ailments from the time it develops in the womb until the first years of birth and treat it to avoid complications in its future development, is the purpose of the strategy as a new early childhood care program.

In this case, the formula that was delivered is special for children with conditions such as maple syrup disease, isovaleric aciduria, citrulinemia, methylmalonic acidemia and propionic acidemia.

“For years it has been difficult to obtain these formulas that serve to nourish this group of patients.. Without this formula they could have health complications from these diseases. It is very important to see how, for years, this has not been supplied; It is the first time in the history of the Ministry of Health that this benefit is being given”, said the Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi.

Total, were delivered about 2,000 milk cans in an act held at the National Children's Hospital "Benjamín Bloom".

The “Grow Together” policy seeks to encourage children to reach their maximum development potential, from the moment of gestation until reaching the 8 years, with quality health care, nutrition, education, learning, care and protection, through strategies, programs and actions involving different government institutions.