Identification document for pets enters into force in Spain

The National Identity Document for pets enters into force. Photo: Courtesy.
By Dennis Aguillón

Spain – A new regulation was approved by the Congress of Deputies on 2 from December to 2021 and published on 16 December in the Official State Gazette.

The regulations come into force as of 5 from January, has been the issuance of a National Identification Document (DAYS), for pets in Spain. This regulation seeks to combat the abandonment of pets.

With the new regulations, pets can be identified in case of loss. Photo: Courtesy.

With this document, pets are considered as one more member of the family. In addition, these animals would enter a national database of pets.. With this information you can locate the owners in case of loss and avoid accidental abandonment.

Both dogs, cats and other domestic animals will no longer be considered targets or assets and will be recognized as "living beings endowed with sensitivity".

Pet ID reflects name, vaccination or treatment schedule, the owner's data and will be issued by each autonomous community or may be issued digitally by means of a QR code.

From 5 January pets have a National Identification Document. Photo: Courtesy.