11 August, 2022

Mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 enters into force in Ecuador

In force Compulsory vaccination in Ecuedor

en Ecuador comenzó este viernes 24 de diciembre la vacunación anticovid obligatoria a partir de los cinco años de edad.

On Friday 24 December the Ecuadorian authorities reiterated the obligation to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Photo: Courtesy.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Ecuador – Mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 enters into force, started on friday 24 December from the age of five, with limited attendance at the immunization centers in the Ecuadorian capital, as reiterated by government authorities.

During this Christmas holiday in Ecuador, first day of validity of the mandatory immunization against coronavirus, the number of people attending the vaccination centers in Quito was reduced.

By contrast, large numbers of people walked the streets and crowded near shopping centers in pursuit of the last Christmas shopping.

The Ecuadorian capital, of 2.7 millions of inhabitants, record a 90% coverage of anticovid vaccines, according to official figures. Ecuador, the first Latin American nation to make vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory, records more than 540,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus (3,061 For each 100,000 population) Y 33,641 dead (191 For each 100,000 population), according to official data reported daily.

The coronavirus pandemic was registered for the first time in the South American country in February 2020. The Ecuadorian government explained that the mandatory measure is due to the "increase in infected persons and the circulation of new variants of‘ concern ’", as Ómicron ", that is spreading rapidly around the world and has forced many countries to re-impose restrictions.

He also indicated that the decision is part of the Constitution, which establishes that the State must guarantee the right to health, although those who have any medical contraindication will be exempt from being vaccinated.