They find a body that is presumed to be that of Flor García

Photo: Courtesy.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – The area works like a garbage dump, where several excavations were carried out since this Monday.

Yesterday, agents of the National Civil Police and the Armed Forces guarded the Finca La Paz, of Cojutepeque, in the kilometer 32 of the Pan-American highway, where did you find this tuesday, according to Rodolfo Delgado, Attorney General of El Salvador, a body that is presumed is that of Flor García, who disappeared 16 March this year.

Several excavations were carried out in the place in search of the woman who would have been the victim of her husband, Joel valle. The attorney general explained that the investigations indicate that the defendant left the remains in this place.

Rodolfo Delgado placeholder image, Attorney General of El Salvador. Photo: Courtesy.

“I want to express that we are making use of the means at our disposal to find Flor García, to transfer the news officially to the family ", said this Tuesday morning, Before the body was found, it was taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine to carry out the tests to help determine if it corresponds to the disappeared.

Joel Valle was officially charged for the disappearance of his wife in the Second Peace Court of Cojutepeque, his cousin is also being processed, Francisco Quezada. Provisional detention was ordered while the process continues.