3 December, 2022

Remains of missing youth found in Florida

Miya Marcano. Photo: Courtesy.
Maria T. Morales

U.S – Orange County Authorities, in Florida, They found the remains of who could be the young Miya Marcano, of 19 years, that the past disappeared 24 September in the condominiums where he resided.

Coroners from the county in question confirmed that a body found in Orlando, is Marcano, who allegedly died at the hands of Armando Caballero, after being sentimentally rejected by the young woman.

The remains were found in the vicinity of a condominium where Caballero resided, who allegedly committed suicide, and her body found days after the disappearance of the young woman.

Photo taken from Orange County Police Department social media.

Police followed up on the alleged murderer's phone, Caballero trabajaba en el complejo de apartamentos Villas Arden, where Marcano also lived and worked.

He would have used a master key from Marcano's apartment to attack her., according to police investigations.

Relatives prepare the funeral of the young woman amid the sadness that overwhelms an entire community that has turned upside down, along with the authorities, in your search.