Find24, the regional marketplace arrives in El Salvador

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Find24, the largest buying and selling platform in the region, arrives in El Salvador, and it's ready, after OLX completed the transfer of all ads and users from that country, so now you can have all the online classified services and benefits of the Find24 platform for the Central American region.

The launch in El Salvador is carried out with the characters "Los Vendetodo", that will explain to Salvadorans how to use this platform, to sell cars, Electronic products, houses and apartments, among others.

Active ads have been placed in the corresponding categories in Find24. Those belonging to Real Estate will also be available in the real estate marketplace, part of Find24, exclusively for runners, owners and builders.

"Now, Find24 advertisers will have a lot of reach and acceleration in their sales. Users won't have to search across platforms, since in just one they will find everything they need. They will have a better experience buying fast and will benefit from all the intelligence of our system ", Manifiesta Boris Métraux, CEO and cofounder of Find24.

This data migration is done, after Find24 acquired OLX's operations in Central America, becoming the new purchase option for the isthmus.

This merger has provided about 5 million users across the region, with a scope of more than 50 millions of inhabitants, access to a new first-class online shopping and selling experience.

Offers have been strengthened in key categories, including real estate, Automotive industry, job opportunities and Electronic Commerce of new and little-used products and services.

“Find24 has been getting stronger in recent years, and we can accelerate this growth in innovative ways. We are dedicated to providing our users with the best possible experience at this key moment in the world.”, afirma Boris Métraux.

About Find24

It is a leading firm in digital marketplace solutions in Central America, after acquiring OLX operations for the region this year. With offices in Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, The Savior, Nicaragua and Switzerland.

Your world-class website development and strategic promotional planning, is at the forefront of online market technologies.

More than 12 million registered users, more of 10 million visits and more than 151 million page views every month, Find24 is the place to start a digital activity or open an online store.