In the next few days, the 6th Justice of the Peace will issue official letters to make effective the capture of Roy García

Photo: Courtesy.
By Luis Alberto López

The Savior – The Sixth Justice of the Peace of San Salvador decreed on Wednesday afternoon the formal instruction of the process with the provisional arrest against José Rogelio García Castro, known as Roy García, for the crime of Active Bribery. For being absent from the process, the arrest warrant will be issued.

The judge has assessed that there are sufficient elements that determine the probable participation of the accused in the alleged crimes attributed to him,

It added that given the evident evasion of justice by Mr. García Castro, given that you are in the United States and because you do not have a registry that left through an immigration point in a lawful manner, is that the precautionary measure of provisional detention was decreed. In the coming days, the Court will issue official letters to make the capture effective., explained the prosecutor.

According to preliminary investigations, García Castro offered different benefits in exchange for two of the current deputies of the New Ideas government party promoting various projects that exclusively responded to the interests of the accused..

While the parliamentarians offered between 15 Y 25 deputies to disassociate themselves from the legislative bench of the New Ideas party and take away the absolute power that they currently hold in the first organ of the State.

The two deputies related to the negotiations are in the process of impeachment in a special commission formed by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador.